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More than just a business intelligence tool, SalesVisionary is your platform for targeted sales analysis and strategic guidance. Tailored to your company, simple, intuitive, for the entire sales and marketing team.

To master your business and never miss an opportunity, no matter the competition or market evolution.

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Your real-time business copilot,
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You are:
  • CEO
  • Sales/Marketing Manager
  • Training Manager
  • Salesperson
Keep control of your business and EBITDA at all times.

Make quick and informed decisions, identify emerging trends and real-time result deviations, anticipate and seize profitable growth opportunities with appropriate dashboards.

SalesVisionary presents your data methodically, strategically, and structured. On one screen and without data manipulation.

Proactively visualize every opportunity, wherever it may be.

Set a clear course for sales teams, unlock the full potential of your sales data by identifying profitable opportunities at a glance, immediately visualize the potential results of your sales action plan.

SalesVisionary generates detailed tactical and strategic reports, facilitating the implementation of a targeted sales action plan, tailored for each salesperson, each customer, each region.

An analysis of sales skills and key training needs in just a few clicks.

SalesVisionary offers a complete solution for assessing sales skills, tracking objectives, tailoring sales plans and identifying top performers. All with the aim of facilitating the training and integration of new sales staff, and optimising the results of your sales team.

Optimize your results and boost your sales, with less effort.

Target and capture your Top opportunities in real-time, master competition like never before, and exceed your objectives by acting where your chances of success are maximum and most profitable.

SalesVisionary indicates the best path to efficiently and confidently reach your goals.


Popular features

Sales Flow

Visualize the path of your revenue in its entirety and act on your sensitive points.

Profile picture

Visualize the profile of the best customers for each range, product, season, and more.


Automatically generate your budget plan from October onwards and view salespeople’s targets.

Growth Trajectory

Visualise the growth path of your customers according to their sector, profile, category, etc., to control your prospecting and cross-selling.


Visualize seasonal effects for each target. So that every action is performed at the best time!

Revenue simulator

Visualise the penetration rates of each of your products according to customer profile, sector, classification and many other filters.

Customer View

View each customer’s results in detail, with clear analyses by customer, type of customer, month or year, product and more.

KPI's & details of YTD results

Identify which KPIs are behind or ahead and act proactively according to your customised indicators.


Find in 1 click the shortest path to immediately increase your revenue.

Global Data

Display data for each customer enriched by external data, measures resulting from algorithms, key results, KPIs, variations in results and much more, in just 1 click.


Who are we?

30 years of expertise in 1 application

Growth, results, innovation, and above all passion and happy clients: these are the values that drive us every day at Sales Consult.

We are a consultancy firm specialized in coaching, recruitment, and specialized sales support. With kindness and determination, we have been guiding over 500 clients for the past 30 years.

With SalesVisionary, we aim to get closer and closer to the essence of our philosophy: to help you sell more with less effort.

Simply put.

SalesVisionary , proudly powered by

Give your results an immediate and sustainable boost by entrusting part of your commercial development to us.

Didier Lorent – Holcim

Give your results an immediate and sustainable boost by entrusting part of your commercial development to us.

Nadia Khamlichi – U Media

Our clients

Our results
speak for themselves

To learn more about the quality of our services, discover the testimonials of the companies that already trust us and have strengthened their commercial impact thanks to our contribution.


Frequently Asked Questions

The use of the platform is suitable for companies of all sizes, if they meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum number of employees: 30 to 50 people (depending on the industry)
  • B2B or B2B2C customer base
  • Minimum of 500 to 800 active clients across various sectors
  • Minimum of 4 to 5 product/service categories, each with multiple types of products/services
  • Minimum of 3 to 4 sales representatives
  • Multiple sales channels (direct sales, indirect sales through distributors…)
  • Detailed analytical invoicing available

If you have any doubts or questions about the suitability of SalesVisionary for your company, please do not hesitate to contact us.

SalesVisionary has been designed to take into account the specific structures and needs of companies, even the most complex ones. The application encompasses the needs identified during audits conducted with companies of all sizes and industries, both nationally and internationally active.

If your company has a particularly specific structure and/or needs, SalesVisionary is designed in such a way that each criterion can be easily and quickly adapted during implementation.

At the outset, we meet with the CEO, marketing manager, sales manager, IT manager, and several sales representatives to validate your usual operations, determine appropriate measures for each criterion/status, and identify the visuals that will be key in your day-to-day work.

The data you find in SalesVisionary is therefore tailored to your usual operations. For example:

  • What do we mean by a “lost client” in your company? → A lost client is a client who has not generated any revenue for 2 years.
  • What do we mean by a “major client”? → A major client is a client who generates over €500,000 in revenue and purchases at least 80% of the categories of services/products sold.

SalesVisionary stands out primarily for its high level of standardization and over 30 years of commercial experience, working with companies of all sizes and internationally. But that’s not all:

  • Comprehensive, ready-to-use visualizations
    Comprehensive, ready-to-use visualizations Unlike other solutions, SalesVisionary offers all the visuals typically needed to manage your sales results, without the need for analyses from relevant departments or custom developments. There’s also no need to create additional tables: the visuals presented by SalesVisionary are based on advanced business methodologies and enable proactive action on opportunities and deviations in real time.
  • In-depth analysis over 10 years
    SalesVisionary groups visuals by commercial or strategic theme and allows for in-depth analysis of all data over a 10-year period.
  • Advanced options and functionalities
    Among the advanced options, SalesVisionary offers the commercial GPS, allowing you to visualize top-ranked opportunities by priority, as well as cross-selling and prospecting trajectories to be encouraged with clients and prospects—always without any manipulation.
  • Automated budget
    SalesVisionary generates a monthly distributed budget based on seasonal effects, completely automated.
  • Flexible, rapid setup for everyone
    SalesVisionary is configured in such a way that it suits every type of company, and setup is limited to just a few days. The standardization encompasses the needs of both small structures and large international groups.

Before deciding whether SalesVisionary is suitable for you, we invite you to meet with us to validate the type of data that will be available and to provide a detailed demonstration of the results you can expect.

If, for any reason, you are not entirely satisfied with our solution, we will work with you to find an appropriate solution. The subscription to SalesVisionary can be stopped at the end of each quarter.

Having dashboards and a BI service is indeed an advantage, as it facilitates data collection during the implementation of SalesVisionary. Our platform complements these tools by presenting commercial data from different methodological and strategic angles.

SalesVisionary allows you to access a wider range of relevant and accurate decision indicators and to act more quickly on certain commercial deviations and opportunities.

Absolutely! In the event of a change in the accounting system, we combine the two data sources. Then, once the platform is implemented, updates will be based on the data from your current system. The VAT number will be used as a control key.

Yes, you can use SalesVisionary even without a CRM. In this case, we will use accounting data and any Excel spreadsheets used by sales representatives to track opportunities.

However, we recommend installing a CRM after enrichment in order to fully leverage SalesVisionary’s potential. Our team will guide you through the installation: we will provide you with a list of fields to configure in the CRM and a list of clients enriched with all our data, enabling a very quick and cost-effective installation of your CRM.

If certain data is missing, we can complete it with your assistance or decide not to use it in analyses and reports.

If the CRM data is not up-to-date or of low quality, it’s not a problem: most of the data used comes from accounting and files prepared by the company during implementation (e.g., list of sales representatives, products, company structure…).

If the data is incomplete or incorrect, we will prepare an export after receiving the accounting data and ask sales representatives to adjust the incorrect information. We will then consolidate the corrected data and import it into the platform. This file will allow you to update your data in the CRM and start fresh.

To ensure a smooth installation tailored to your specific needs, we recommend preparing the data structure with future users (CEO, managers, sales representatives…) and selecting what will be truly useful for each of them. We will also collaborate with our external partner to check the data quality and enrich the data.

Overall, 3 weeks will be needed to analyze the requirements, configure the application, analyze opportunities, and train users. The training will include presenting features along with the associated commercial methodologies.

During installation, our IT department performs a quality control of the updated data. In case of technical issues, we will intervene remotely immediately. If the issue is related to the license, Qlik provides technical support 7 days a week.

During implementation, training is provided to familiarize you with the features and methodologies of SalesVisionary.

We also offer to book 4 to 6 monthly follow-up sessions to analyze your results and identify corrective actions that will have the greatest impact on your growth. Active preparation and participation during your monthly commercial meeting are strongly recommended.

If you would like more information about SalesVisionary, please do not hesitate to send us a message via our contactform, send us an e-mail, or call us at
02 735 66 61.


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